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Become a PVP member today!

We invest in your leadership and we ask that you invest in building real collective power and creating real change for you, your family and your community.



  • Build community and collective power with others to dismantle oppressive systems 

  • Participate in the largest and most diverse grassroots organization working for racial and economic justice in the region

  • Build relationships with others who care about Springfield and our region 

  • Strengthen leadership skills by participating in trainings, campaigns and other learning opportunities

  • Learn methods to effectively engage with decision makers

  • Be part of creating concrete systemic changes in our region 

  • Put your values into action

PVP is also an affiliate of a state-wide and national network of power organizations that build grassroots capacity to impact larger legislative and economic issues. 

Suggested individual annual dues are $60, which can be paid annually, quarterly ($15) or monthly ($5).  if you are unable to contribute the full membership amount, we ask you to contribute what you are able.


We also invite you to consider becoming a PVP Partner in Justice.  with your monthly donation of $10 or more, you will receive a pvp annual membership, a pvp reusable shopping bag and your choice of a PVP t-shirt or travel mug. 

Want to learn more about institutional membership? 
Have other questions? Contact Us!

Thank you! We'll get back to you soon!

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